Your diamonds can help build this revolutionary new hospital in a place where much has been broken. They can help care for the forgotten. Listen to the silenced. Clothe children. Feed families. Pave roads. Create jobs. All through the Kenya Women and Children's Wellness Centre.

Plans for the Kenya Women and Children's Wellness Centre include a 170-bed hospital, outpatient clinics for women and children, an institute of learning, a gender violence counseling center and a family village. The design, tailored with respect for Kenyan culture, customs, climate and locally-sourced materials, won the World Architecture News Award in 2011 as well as a 2012 AIA/AHA Healthcare Design Award.

The Wellness Centre cannot stop atrocities like disease, gender violence and poverty but it can provide care for the millions of women and children whose lives depend on it. The work of the Wellness Centre extends beyond treating these problems; it also exists to prevent them.

The Wellness Centre has been designed to foster a sense of community and comfort in an environment that can be intimidating and unfamiliar for the women and children of Kenya, who may have never experienced medical care that is tragically hard to come by in a country in dire need of global medical attention. Too many are forced to go without care. And additional outreach and education on critical issues are needed to empower the women and children of Kenya to protect themselves.

As a result of the Wellness Centre, approximately 12,750 women will receive quality pre- and post-natal health care annually. This will reduce the infant mortality rate among these women by 84%.

The HIV/AIDs pandemic will be reduced by 43% in the region through new education, outreach and treatment opportunities.

Annually, 47,000 women, children and families will receive counseling and treatment for violence related issues.

To build a truly self-sustaining, static facility for the citizens of Kenya, 8,000 local nurses will be trained in the first 18 months to recognize, treat and refer victims of gender-based violence.

Over one million women and children will be able to prosecute their perpetrators in the first five years because of access to reliable forensic evidence.

You can turn a three-carat ring into meals for families in famine. Your grandmother's earring can mean clean water for Kenyan children. Your diamonds can do more than glitter quietly in a little gold box. They can change minds, spark hope and save lives.

It has felt your pulse. It has walked with you down the aisle. It was filled with memories by your godmother. You will hold on to what these diamonds mean forever. And they become even more meaningful when you let them go.

One earring can mean a victim of sexual violence is cared for. A loose diamond from a former ring can provide training for local nurses.

It's time for the world to give back what we have taken from Africa. And we can do that by giving our Diamonds for Africa. But we can't do it without you. Update your status. Tweet your story of giving. Tell a friend to tell ten friends. Help the healing by sharing the giving.

Your grandfather’s watch can create hundreds of jobs at the Wellness Centre.

Your godmother’s bracelet can translate to day care and education for children whose mothers are being cared for in the hospital. These pieces have enormous value for you, but you can change the meaning of their value by giving them to someone who needs them for something entirely different: hope.

And it’s not just diamonds. When you give something that means something to you — pearls or pennies, rubies or time, emeralds or dollars — it means even more. When you give back to Africa, Amazing things happen.

Hospitals are built. Roads are paved. Children are clothed. Someone listens to the silenced. Someone cares for the abandoned.

The experts at the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) are diamond research and identification professionals who will appraise your gems on behalf of the James R. Jordan Foundation International.

To donate your diamond (or ruby or pearl), download and fill out the donation page to send with your gem through an insured courier to


ATTN: DFA Donations

580 Fifth Avenue LL05

New York, NY 10036

Your diamond could provide healthcare, food, shelter, clothing, water, shoes, glasses, books. Your receipt goes towards your tax deduction and your diamond goes toward doing the right thing.

All donations are tax-deductible up to the amount allowed by law. Diamonds for Africa proceeds will benefit the building of the Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Centre. All jewelry will be held in the GCAL vault during the entire process until purchased. The James R. Jordan Foundation International is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged during shipping. We recommend including insurance and delivery confirmation of the package.